Simon Kubica

Simon Kubica

Australian software entrepreneur


Simon Kubica is an Australian entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Index. Index is notably one of the only Australian companies ever accepted into Y Combinator, the world's most prestigious startup program. Simon was previously a product leader at Atlassian where he worked on Jira, Forge, as well as new products and platforms.
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Simon Kubica, Atlassian Product Manager, speaking at Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada Dalton Caldwell with Simon Kubica at the YC batch retreat Blackbird-backed Aussie YC founders Christian Iacullo and Simon Kubica in front of the famous Y Combinator sign in Mountain View, Silicon Valley Fireside Q&A in Sydney Australia for Y Combinator applications Cover photo of Simon Kubica, CEO and co-founder of Index, presenting for a Y Combinator applications event in Sydney